Our most challenging problem . . . our ECONOMIC FUTURE!

Ensuring exness economic growth is the most important issue confronting national and state leaders today. The reality is that most states are struggling to maintain positive growth and economic ranking compared to other states. But the problem doesn’t end at our borders. This struggle will continue because of our decline in international competitiveness.

Many visionary leaders recognize the underlying root cause: declining availability of a quality and aligned skilled workforce that meets industry’s needs for future U.S. growth. Get the full story about America’s #1 Problem here.

State Economic Challenges Facing Legislators That DLA Solves

State legislators have a responsibility to increase their my exness state’s GSP. When state growth declines, a downward spiral begins. That decline is rooted in a huge misalignment between employer needs and the number of available skilled workers.

Lower state revenues begin a downward spiral that reduces education and public service funding, produces fewer skilled graduates, lowers per-capita incomes, increases www.broker-trading.net tax burdens, and eventually forces an industry exodus from the state.


Expand Reach through Legislative Pilots

Expand Your Technology’s Reach With Legislative Funded Pilots

State legislators want to know about the best vetted and recommended digital learning products that can solve their education problems. Those technologies recognized as solving problems can be chosen for funding and deployment by state legislatures, state offices of education, schools, and districts in 2014.

DLA is currently working with legislative leaders in education and appropriations in almost every state. These legislators are working with DLA for policy support,  technology recommendations, and unique pilot models. 


  • Curriculum Associates
  • D2L
  • Instructure
  • Kimono
  • Lea(R)n
  •  Learning Ovations
  • McGraw Hill
  • MindPlay
  • Nepris
  • Reasoning Mind
  • ToolwireeTap
  • Helpme2learn
  • Centric Learning
  • Colvard
  • Robokind
  • BrainRush
  • EduPlanet21
  • Intelitek
  • Midas Education
  • CSM-Core Skills Mastery

Member Support Tools to Keep You Informed and Expand Revenues

We engage with key policy makers to write, track, pass legislation and help you market and sell to educators and school districts.

  • Track education technology bills by issue area in the U.S.
  • Get alerts about funding opportunities across the country
  • Legislative contacts are constantly updated with your latest digital learning solutions and outcomes
  • Access to DLA marketing and business consultants.