We understand your concerns about adding digital learning tools in your classroom

Let’s get this out of the way up front: digital learning is not about replacing teachers. Quite the opposite. Digital learning has been shown to make your job easier, with less manual labor, and you more effective at pinpointing how your students learn and where they struggle.

Of course, any given classroom of students includes a spectrum of learning styles and speeds. As an educator, using in-class lectures and a standard textbook, you probably teach to the largest percentage of students’ learning styles and learning speeds, and hope the slower and faster learners can stay with you.

For students who are behind the curve, digital learning solutions provide an opportunity for them to catch-up with individualized learning at their own pace. For students ahead of the curve, they can challenge themselves to move forward at a faster pace so they aren’t bored in your class, and achieve even higher test scores.

Educator bell curves
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We’ll be the first to acknowledge that digital learning isn’t the end-all, but it is a powerful tool to give you and your students better achievements and outcomes. Study after study confirms that digital learning is good for students. MORE…

As long as students need to learn, educators will need to be in the classroom to guide, teach, and inspire our young people to learn at their own pace and in the learning styles best suited to each one of them.

As DLA’s initiatives continue to develop, we invite you to join the digital learning movement to help our students, and save America’s declining economy.