DLA Legislative Platform for State Legislators

Digital Learning Alliance has identified melhor programa de afiliados de forex nation-leading education policy and digital learning solutions that produce a significant ROE (return on education) in several issue areas. These proven socio-economic ROI solutions are being optimally deployed all over the United States and are significantly increasing outcomes. Without ROE, there can’t be ROI.

Education Issue Categories

For each of these areas, DLA will provide afiliado fintech you with research, implementation results, bill templates, and successful deployments from melhores programas de afiliados de criptomoedas que pagam other states in order to start future legislation in your state.

Digital learning technology is being applied in states and districts like yours in order to boost the outcomes and performance of teachers and students alike, and the results are impressive.  The mission of DLA is to improve economic growth by increasing the skills and education of the workforce of the future. Contact us when you’re ready for DLA melhor programa de afiliados de opções binárias to assist you.

Click on any of these issues below to learn more details. We include DLA Policy Templates for each of these issues in the descriptions. Our Policy Templates provide you with a statement of objectives, issues, our proposed solution, outcomes, and much more. Also included with most issues is a DLA Endorsed Bill Template.

Current List of DLA Endorsed Bill Templates

Click to view and download all currently available Endorsed Bill Templates

DLA Initiative Templates

DLA has authored several education issues templates, which detail the issue, the economic ROI of each, outcomes where solutions have been implemented, and the DLA-proposed initiative to help solve the issue.

These downloadable PDF files are available on each Issue page.


Digital Learning Policies Producing Significant Return On Education Results

Learn how technology programs  are elevating overall test scores. MORE >

STEM companies are aligning technology and innovation to safeguard your state’s economic prosperity. MORE >

Learn about a pilot program where Pre-K kids are ahead of their peers by scoring at Kindergarten or First Grade levels in reading and math. MORE >

One research-based blended learning methodology consists of individually focused small group and teacher led instruction. We share how many new jobs would have been created and the millions of dollars in economic growth one state could have experienced. MORE >

A California school saw their AP passage rate jump from 40% to 80% in one year after using a technology  program. MORE >

These tools are helping college students and their families save one to four semesters’ worth of tuition money. MORE >

These programs allow educators and administrators to analyze information for education intelligence at the school, district, and state level to make informed decisions. MORE >

Schools using blended learning models are seeing 3x as many students passing state exams and new teachers preparing lesson plans 2x faster. MORE >

One solution helps students, parents and teachers know what courses should be taken to help students graduate college and be more  career ready. MORE >

In the U.S., 10% of students are ELL. When they don't receive the individualized attention they need, they fall behind and they drop out.  MORE >

Learn how technology programs can help eliminate literacy deficiencies and have outcomes showing 26% and higher improvement rates. MORE >

Software tools are available that help improve educators’ and administrators’ professional skills and technology use .


Student Data and Privacy

Student Data and Privacy

These tools assure parents that their children’s personal information is safe, secure, and always used responsibly.


Gains from one program report 70% fewer negative behaviors, 60% fewer discipline reports, and 75% fewer suspensions and expulsions. MORE >

Increasing parental involvement in students' education can help increase student performance and have a positive impact on graduation rates and college acceptance.



Following is a comprehensive list of issues DLA has identified. Once we identify solutions that satisfy the needs of an issue not already being addressed, it will be added to this list.