DLA’s Exclusive Member Benefits

Member technology companies forex afiliado enjoy access to a variety of exclusive benefits that will position your company for programa de afiliados fintech growth.

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Legislative Tracking

DLA monitors and responds in real time to education technology legislation in all 50 states.

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Legislator Education and Support

DLA connects you and your issue area with our legislative partners using a cloud-managed database.

  • DLA facilitates matching legislative issues to industry solutions
  • DLA member’s product details, research, and outcome data for instant retrieval by legislators and their staff
  • For our legislative partners, it provides powerful access to repositories of successful bill templates, legislative processes, and RFP funding models to implement in their state.

Recruiting and Talent Management

DLA’s recruiting programas afiliados de cripto and human capital management consultants are available for fee-based service to DLA members. We locate top ed-tech talent, and offer consulting engagements spanning HR services for creating internal recruiting functions, leadership assessment & development and building an impactful company culture.

Technology and consumer branding are huge driving factors in the disruption occurring in education. Our human capital experience across these sectors programa de afiliados de opções binárias provides DLA members with a competitive advantage to identify and engage game changers with a blend of diverse skills and specific knowledge of the education industry.

Our focus in ed-tech is complemented by our expertise in consumer (CPG, e-commerce, retail), and technology (big data, cloud services, internet, mobility, analytics.) We specialize in C-Suite, VP, Director and strategic contributor positions in General Management, Operations, Marketing, Product, Corporate & Business Development, Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Professional Services and Strategy. We also have partners with Engineering recruiting experience.

Get more information about DLA’s recruiting and human resources consulting at Envision Search.com.